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Live painting is a fascinating form of performance art.

The video above shows a short live painting performance by Beo Beyond, suitable for events with a short time frame. It could also be called a form of action painting with fluorescent colors.
This performance is flexible in size and motif. It can be realized both on the wall and horizontally on the floor. The fluorescent paint is odorless, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.
  • Live Painting Show for Event Marketing at Shoko Club Barcelona
  • Live Painting for Events, sponsored by Absolut Vodka at Sutton Club Barcelona
  • Artworks created during blacklight event at Sutton Club Barcelona
  • Blacklight live Painting by Beo Beyond at Shoko Club Barcelona
  • Black light Performance with fluorescent colors at Opium Club Barcelona
  • The artist Beo Beyond painting live with fluorescent colors at Opium Club Barcelona
  • Two artworks created with fluorescent colors
  • Luminous artworks at Bataplan Disco in San Sebastian
  • Interactive Live Painting performed for Vallformosa
  • The sponsored artwork created during Event Marketing by Vallformosa
  • The artist mixing fluorescent colors in front of his artwork
  • Artwork showing a Bulldog Face under UV Light
Beo Beyond collaborated with the brands Absolut (vodka) and Vallformosa (sparkling wine) in a series of events where both the art and the brand provided a unique experience for visitors.
Most of these events have taken place at famous nightclubs in Barcelona and other cities in Spain. The guests liked to watch the paintings take shape and enjoyed the creative atmosphere.
Live painting is a work-in-progress, a performance in which creation, not the finished painting, is the real subject. At events it looks like a transforming decoration, a fascinating eye-catcher.


Blacklight paintings are a unique, eye-catching spectacle at night, a stunning decoration for events.

The blacklight paintings shown below are mainly assignments from event agencies; the large formats in particular are decoration for corporate events and nightclubs.
Beo Beyond’s freely created artistic work is shown here too with his exhibitions in art galleries. These are blacklight paintings with portraits, as well as the stencil art that was shown in the video above.
  • Mural Blacklight paintings for events, created for Gartner Symposium ITexpo
  • blacklight paintings make a colorful bar wall decoration
  • Bar decoration with a glowing artwork showing a female portrait
  • Contemporary Art exhibition illuminated with black light in Barcelona
  • Night-club decoration under uv light at Pacha Sitges
  • Colorful Nightclub decoration with abstract motifs at Pacha Siges
  • Blacklight art exhibition at a gallery in Rome
  • black light art gallery showing two portrait pictures
  • Colorful Artwork illuminated with uv light
  • Glow in the dark artwork showing a girl with sunglasses
  • Fluorescent paintings with UV LED frame
  • Fluorescent artworks with UV LED frame

Beo Beyond expands traditional painting by using unconventional techniques and materials.

His work combines photography, digital image processing, and painting. Additionally, it involves illumination with a blacklight. This composition generates artworks that glow in the dark.
A lighting technology involving UV LEDs makes it possible to integrate the lighting in small images, similar to a lightbox. Thereby, it is unnecessary to install blacklight lamps in the room.


The light-up costumes shown below are handmade and one-of-a-kind, not produced in a series.

Beo Beyond created light-up costumes with fluorescent materials or LED for nearly two decades. Primarily he used them for his blacklight shows for events, video and photoshoots.
The designs do not use textiles, which is partly for hygienic reasons. They are handcrafted using PVC and other plastics, making them easy to clean. These pieces are unique and not for sale.
  • Unique LED Costumes for stage performances
  • Handmade LED outfit for stage shows
  • Blacklight costumes for performers
  • Blue colored fluorescent glasses under UV light
  • Light up costumes under UV light
  • Glow in the dark stage clothing under UV light
  • Pink fluorescent dress under black light
  • Glow in the dark fluorescent costume
  • Luminous wardrobe for performance art
  • luminous outfit under black light
  • Fluorescent orange collar glowing under black light
  • Erotic light-up costume
  • Light up textiles with optical fibers and LED
  • Luminous textiles with fiber optics and LED
  • Fluorescent black light costume glowing in the dark
  • Glowing light-up costume with bracelets and spikes
  • BDSM face mask with spikes glowing under UV light
  • Black light BDSM costume with spikes for performance art


Blacklight Shibari: the art of bondage in a new light

Blacklight Shibari with fluorescent ropes is an unconventional live show, a modern interpretation of the traditional Shibari from Japan, the erotic art of bondage, in which the purely aesthetic form of bondage creates a temporary work of art.
Blacklight Shibari is a cooperation between Beo Beyond, the Shibari Artist Angela Nawa, and several Shibari-models. The fluorescent ropes that glow in the dark turn the art of bondage into a journey through time, a science-fiction scenario.
  • Black light Shibari Shows with fluorescent ropes
  • Blacklight Shibari shows for events
  • Shibari shows with glowing ropes under UV light
  • Blacklight shows for events
  • Close-up of the Living Dolls Show for live marketing
  • Black light shows for corporate events with glow in the dark costumes
  • Blacklight shows with three performance artists wearing glow in the dark costumes
  • Art performance with LED lights and glowing costumes

Blacklight shows for events and live marketing

Beo Beyond created these baroque-inspired costumes for a show called Living Dolls and developed the lighting system for the show. The costumes are made of fluorescent materials that glow under blacklight.
The choreography of the Living Dolls was created by the German performance group Project PQ and they manage the show worldwide from Frankfurt, Germany. Check out the following trailer of the show to see them in action:


The following photographs were taken with long exposure and moving light sources in a completely darkened studio. It is a photographic technique known as light painting.
Light painting has so far rarely been used in close-ups or portraits without a photoflash. Beo Beyond constructed its own lighting systems based on LED technology for these light painting portraits.
The images shown here are his freely created artistic work, produced in his studio with Creative Assistant Stacy Viard. In the commercial realm, he has lent his talents to several projects.
  • Exophilia, picture taken with open shutter
  • Wrapped Doll, light painting portrait
  • Head Full of Ideas, Girl with Cyberlox
  • Sensual Extension
  • Princess of Light, close up
  • Charisma, Face surrounded with lED lights
  • Plasma Stream, Light Painting Portraits
  • Gamma Ray, Studio photography with long exposure
  • Tryptichon Part 2, light painting technique
  • Tryptichon Part 3, Portraiture with open shutter
  • Tryptichon Part 1, light painting portrait without flash
  • In the Mirror, image taken with LED technology
  • In the Flow
  • Masquerade
  • Burning Desire, light painting photography
  • Visual Cortex, light painting photography
  • Introspection
  • Enchanted
  • Closed Eyes
  • Hiding the True Identity
  • Masquerade Part 2
  • Flushed by Light, moving light sources
  • Wrapped
  • Curtain of Light



Light Artist

I'm looking for cooperations with art galleries, exhibition spaces, art residencies, or anybody else who is like-minded and creative... around the world. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any interesting projects where my work might fit in. Thanks!
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Beo Beyond is a German light artist who lives and works in Spain.

The focus of his work is luminous materials and artificial light sources. His work is very diverse and explores many mediums, including blacklight shows and live painting for events. The boundary between art and design is blurred.

Beo Beyond is always experimenting with new equipment and materials and tries to take each project a little further to go beyond the known. This portfolio gives an overview of his work from 1998 to the present day.

Beo created most of his work in his studio in Barcelona. Now he lives and works in Gran Canaria, Spain.

The Art Studio

This was Beo Beyond’s studio in the historic center of Barcelona. His new studio is located on the island of Gran Canaria.


The photographs throughout the website are by Beo Beyond, with very few exceptions. Most of Beo Beyond´s photographs are published under this Creative Commons- license. That means that reproduction in editorial publications are free of charge, as long as you mention the light artist, Beo Beyond, and link to his website

The photos can easily be embedded or downloaded via Flickr. High-resolution image files for print editions of magazines are available upon request. Commercial use of the photographs is possible only with written permission; in this case, please contact via email.


An article about Beo Beyond was published in the prestigious Chinese Magazine Popular Photography.